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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

【SEAnews:India Front Line Report】October 12, 2020 (Mon) No. 3946

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India Front Line Report
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Latest Top News(vol.201012)
(最新ニュース 36件)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46895(1/36)

【ニューデリー】ナレンドラ・モディ首相は10月11日、『農村地域における村落調査及び高速地図作成(SVAMITVA:Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas)』スキームを立ち上げるとともに、インド農村の村落を一変させる画期的試みであると自ら絶賛した。首相によると、このスキームの下、適切な書類を所持する者が銀行から融資を拒まれることはない。
○DMK、専門チーム設け選挙マニフェスト作成(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46896(2/36)

【新徳里】总理纳伦徳拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)于10月11日发起了『农村地区的调查和应用高速技术的制图乡村(SVAMITVA:Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas)』计划,并自称这是将改变印度农村的历史性举措。莫迪说,通过这一计划,没有银行会拒绝向拥有适当证件的人提供贷款。
○DMK组成8人小组以准备选举宣言(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46897(3/36)
◆Property cards scheme is a 'historic move' to transform villages; PM Modi

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 11 launched the 'Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas' (SVAMITVA) scheme and hailed it as a "historic move" that will transform villages in rural India. Through this scheme Modi said, no bank can deny loans to people with proper documents.
○Shiv Sena to contest around 50 seats in Bihar: Anil Desai
○DMK forms 8-member panel for preparing election manifesto(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46898(4/36)

【ニューデリー】ナレンドラ・モディ首相は9月27日、月例ラジオ番組『マン・キ・バアト(Mann Ki Baat:mind matter心声)』の中で、「インドがマハトマ・ガンジーの経済哲学の本質に従ったならば、とっくに自立し、インド自立キャンペーン『アートマニル・バーラット・アビヤーン(Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Self-reliant India Mission)』など必要なかった」と語り、独立以来国民会議派政府により追求されて来た経済政策に痛烈な一撃を加えた。
○政府は12月までに4労働法すべて実施も:ガングワール閣外相(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46899(5/36)

【新徳里】纳伦徳拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)总理于9月27日在他的每月广播节目『曼基·巴特(Mann Ki Baat:mind matter心声)』中说「如果我国遵循圣雄甘地(Mahatma Gandhi)的经济哲学的本质,早就实现自力更生,现在根本不需要『自立印度使命(ABA: Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Self-reliant India Mission)』了。」从而对自独立以来历届国大党政府奉行的经济政策激烈驳斥。
○政府希望在12月之前实施所有4项劳工法:Gangwar(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46900(6/36)
◆Farmers playing major role in building Aatmanirbhar Bharat: PM Modi

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 27 took a swipe at economic policies pursued by successive Congress governments since Independence in his monthly 'Mann Ki Baat' broadcast. Had the country followed the essence of Mahatma Gandhi's economic philosophy, there would not have been any need for the 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat' campaign as India would have become self-reliant much earlier, he said.
○Govt looks to implement all 4 labour codes by December: Gangwar(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46901(7/36)

【ムンバイ】農業法案をめぐってシロマニ・アカリ・ダル(SAD:Shiromani Akali Dal)が全国民主連盟(NDA:National Democratic Alliance)を脱退する中、シバ軍団(Shiv Sena)は9月28日、インド人民党(BJP)主導のNDA本当に存在するのか、連盟に参加しているのは誰かと疑問を呈した。
○NDAは名ばかり ...首相が会議を招集したためしはない:SAD党首(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46902(8/36)

【孟买】由于室罗摩尼·阿卡利党(SAD:Shiromani Akali Dal)因农业法案而退出了全国民主联盟(NDA:National Democratic Alliance),湿婆神军党(Shiv Sena)想知道印度人民党(BJP)领导的联盟是否真的存在,并于9月28日询问现在谁还在联盟中。
○NDA仅以名字...这些年来一直没有PM召开会议:SAD主席(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46903(9/36)
◆'What is left of NDA after Akali Dal, Shiv Sena exit?'

【Mumbai】With the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) walking out of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) over Farm Bills, the Shiv Sena on September 28 wondered if the BJP-led alliance really exists and asked who are in the coalition now.
○NDA only in name...no meeting called by PM all these years: SAD chief(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46904(10/36)

○反農民法に対する全住民による抵抗の兆し(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46905(11/36)

【新徳里】纳伦徳拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)总理在艾哈迈达巴徳和孟买之间的1.08万亿卢比的子弹头列车项目可能在未来几个月内遭到一场政治风暴,因为有25个以上的社会和政治组织已决定在普密蓬·阿迪卡尔·安多兰(Bhumi Adhikar Andolan:保护地球权利运动)的旗帜下,对此项目进行抗议。农民长征背后的头脑将领导异议人士。
○对反农民法的全居民统一抵抗的预兆(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46906(12/36)
◆Protests likely to derail PM Modi's Rs 1.08 trn bullet train project

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Rs 1.08-trillion bullet train project between Ahmedabad and Mumbai is likely to see a political storm in the coming months, with more than 25 social and political organisations, under the banner of the Bhumi Adhikar Andolan (Movement for Earth Rights), have decided to protest against it. Brains behind the farmer long march will lead the dissent.
○Online conference
○Portents from the United Resistance to Anti-Farmer Laws(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46907(13/36)

【ニューデリー】ニューデリーとイスラマバードをアグラにおけるカシミールをめぐる和平交渉において驚くほど接近させたインドのジャスワントシン元外相が9月27日、当地で82歳で亡くなった。(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46908(14/36)

【新徳里】在阿格拉(Agra)的克什米尔(Kashmir)和平谈判上,使新徳里和伊斯兰堡令人震惊地接近几乎达成协议的印度前外交部长贾斯旺特·辛格(Jaswant Singh)于9月27日在这里去世,享年82岁。(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46909(15/36)
◆Jaswant Singh, advocate of peace with Pakistan, dies at 82

【New Delhi】Former Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh, who brought New Delhi and Islamabad tantalisingly close to a peace deal over Kashmir in Agra, died here on September 27 at the age of 82.(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46910(16/36)

○ザルダリ元大統領、高裁に資金洗浄及びパークレーン公判棄却申請(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46911(17/36)

【伊斯兰堡】伊姆兰·汗(Imran Khan)总理劝告外国势力不要贸然撤离阿富汗,也警告说,区域破坏分子可能为了自己的既得利益而利用这个破烂国家的不稳定局势。
○扎尔达里前总统向高等法院申请取消洗钱和公园路公审(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46912(18/36)
◆PM Imran warns against hasty international withdrawal from Afghanistan

【Islamabad】Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned against hasty withdrawal of foreign powers from Afghanistan and also cautioned that regional spoilers could use instability in the worn-torn country for their own vested interests.
○Zardari moves IHC to dismiss money laundering, Park Lane trials(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46913(19/36)

○幻想的な停戦(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46914(20/36)

【伊斯兰堡】阿富汗和平负责人(民族和解高级委员会主席)阿卜杜拉·阿卜杜拉(Abdullah Abdullah)为了修补经常陷入困境的两国关系访问东部邻国巴基斯坦,在推动新生的阿富汗和平进程方面取得进展后,已结束访问日程而离开伊斯兰堡。
○虚幻的停火(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46915(21/36)
◆Abdullah made fragile gains for Afghan peace during Pakistan trip

【Islamabad】Afghan peace chief Abdullah Abdullah has concluded a visit to eastern neighbour Pakistan aimed at mending the often fraught ties between the two countries and making progress on moving the nascent Afghan peace process forward.
○The negotiations in Doha
○Illusive ceasefire(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46916(22/36)

【ダッカ】ISに触発されたテログループが組織を再編し再興を図る中、『バングラデシュ聖戦者会衆組織(JMB: Jamaat-ul-Mujahidin-Bangladesh)』の分派『ネオJMB』は、トップのリーダーシップを再構築し、新最高指導者を内外に宣言した。
○『ネオJMB』メンバー2カップルを逮捕(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46917(23/36)

【达卡】当受到IS启发的恐怖组织通过重组正试图再次崛起时,『孟加拉国贾马图尔圣战者(JMB: Jamaat-ul-Mujahidin-Bangladesh)』的分支派『新JMB(Neo JMB)』更新最高领导层并发表新任负责人。
○新JMB双对夫妻成员被捕(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46918(24/36)
◆Terrorist group 'Neo JMB' rising again?

【Dhaka】"Neo JMB," a branch of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahidin-Bangladesh (JMB) has declared its new chief and brought changes in the top leadership as the IS-inspired terror group is trying to get back on its feet by reorganising its structure.
○Neo-JMB couples held(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46919(25/36)

○リージェントグループのモハマド・シャヘド会長、武器事件で終身刑(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46920(26/36)

【达卡】谢赫·哈西娜(Sheikh Hasina)总理于9月28日,要求外交部长阿卜杜勒·莫曼(AK Abdul Momen)提出关于将回国的侨民送回海外工作场所的一份综合性报告。她在主持在线举行的每周内阁会议时作出了上述指示。
○摄政集团主席穆罕默徳·沙希徳因武器案被判终身徒刑(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46921(27/36)
◆PM Hasina asks detailed report on returnees

【Dhaka】Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on September 28 asked Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen to place a comprehensive report over sending back the stranded expatriates to their workplaces abroad. She gave the instruction while presiding over the weekly cabinet meeting held virtually.
○Regent Group Chairman Mohammad Shahed gets life term in arms case(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46922(28/36)

○インドCEOフォーラム、首相と会談、インドからのFDI誘致目指す(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46923(29/36)

【科伦坡】媒体部长凯赫里亚·兰布克韦拉(Keheliya Rambukwella)于9月28日在政府新闻部的媒体吹风会上说,有关将1500万美元赠款用于实施宪法第13修正案的新闻报道是完全错误的,而且两位领导人(总理拉贾帕克萨和莫迪)在此问题上未达成任何此类协议。
○印度首席执行官论坛会见总理,旨在吸引印度的外国直接投资(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46924(30/36)
◆India,Lanka Virtual Summit highly successful - Keheliya

【Colombo】Media Minister Keheliya Rambukwella addressing a media briefing at the Government Information Department on September 28 said that news reports tying up the $15 million grant to the implementation of the 13th Amendment is completely false and the two leaders (Both PMs Rajapaksa and Modi) had not reached any such agreement on this matter.
○Indian CEO Forum meets Prime Minister, aims to attract FDI from India (...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46925(31/36)

○ネパール移民労働者2万2千人がインドに向け出国(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46926(32/36)

【加徳满都】内阁改组的风声在交错乱飞时,KP夏尔马·奥里(Sharma Ori)总理于周日(9月27日)召集紧急内阁会议。会议予定于下午12:00。
○22,000名尼泊尔移民工人前往印度(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46927(33/36)
◆PM Oli summons cabinet meeting a day in advance

【Kathmandu】Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has called an 'emergency' cabinet meeting on Sunday (September 27) amid reports of possible cabinet reshuffle. The meeting has been scheduled for 12:00 pm.
○22,000 Nepali migrant workers leave for India(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46928(34/36)

○迷える羊(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46929(35/36)

○迷失的羊(...Read more)
2020-10-12 ArtNo.46930(36/36)
◆Review:The baptism of the Holy Spirit (An astray sheep)

 Jesus said, "The kingdom is like a shepherd who had a hundred sheep. One of them, the largest, went astray. He left the ninety-nine and looked for the one until he found it. After he had toiled, he said to the sheep, 'I love you more than the ninety-nine.'" (Thomas 107)
○Gematria of "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit"
○God and cube
○Gematria of Trinity
○3 persons of Trinity are distinct but inseparable
○Role of Ephraim and Manasseh
○An astray sheep(...Read more)
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