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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

【SEAnews:India Front Line Report】 August 03, 2020 (Mon) No. 3944

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India Front Line Report
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Latest Top News(vol.200803)
(最新ニュース 39件)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46823(1/39)

【ニューデリー】インドは中国最大の隣国であり、文明史の面でも比肩する。 我々の関係は基本的に双務的だ。このことは両国にとってばかりでなく、世界にとって極めて重要だ。だから、我々はお互いの関心事、興味、願望を正確に理解しなければならない。 今、中国は独自の問題と米国との問題を抱えているかもしれない。 しかし、アメリカのレンズを通して我々を見るなら、インドを誤解し、両国関係を甚だしく害することは明白だ。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46824(2/39)

【新徳里】瞧,印度是中国最大的邻国,有着与之相称的文明史。我们的关系本质上是双边的。这种关系不仅对两国,而且对世界都非常重要。因此,我们必须准确地了解彼此的关切事,兴趣和愿望。现在,中国可能面临自己本身的问题和对美国关系的问题。但是,以美国的眼光来看我们,将是对印度严重的误会并显然极大地损害两国关系。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46825(3/39)
◆Shouldn't view us through US lens. That'll be a great disservice; Foreign Minister S Jaishankar

【New Delhi】Look, India is China's largest neighbour, one with a matching civilisational history. Our ties are fundamentally bilateral in character. The relationship is not only hugely consequential for both nations, but for the world. We must therefore understand each other's concerns, interests and aspirations accurately. Now, China may have its own issues and problems with the US. But to view us through an American lens would be a serious misreading of India. And clearly do the relationship great disservice.(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46826(4/39)

【ニューデリー】インドと中国両軍の司令官は7月14日にわたり会談、双方は両軍の対峙を解消するための次の段階の詳細を確定するために努力した。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46827(5/39)

【新徳里】印度和中国两军指挥官于7月14日举行了长大15小时的会谈,双方都在努力确定下一阶段脱离对峙状态的细节。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46828(6/39)
◆India-China Corps Commanders hold talks for 15 hours

【New Delhi】India and China Corps Commanders held talks for 15 hours on July 14 as both sides worked to finalise details of the next phase of disengagement. (...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46829(7/39)

【ワシントン】ホワイトハウスのケイリー・マケナニー報道官は7月16日、記者会見し「彼(トランプ)は、『私はインド国民と中国国民を愛しており、両国民の平和を維持するためにできることはなんでもしたい』と述べた」と語った 。
○インド、米国と限定貿易協定締結目指す(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46830(8/39)

【华盛顿】白宫新闻秘书凯利·麦肯尼(Kayleigh McEnany)于7月16日召开的新闻发布会上对记者说「他(特朗普)说『我爱印度人民,我爱中国人民,我想尽一切维持他们之间的和平』。」
○印度试图与美国达成有限贸易协议(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46831(9/39)
◆Want to keep peace for people of India, China: Trump

【Washington】"He (Trump) said I love the people of India and I love the people of China and I want to do everything possible to keep the peace for the people," White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters at a news conference here on July 16.
○India bats for inking limited trade deal with US during trade meet(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46832(10/39)

<パイロット氏、チダムバラム氏と会談>(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46833(11/39)

【斋浦尔】拉贾斯坦州议会议长受到国大党寻求取消该党造反州议员(MLA)的议员资格后,已向萨钦·皮洛特(Sachin Pilot)和其他18个该党MLA发出了通知。
<皮洛特见面奇丹巴拉姆>(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46834(12/39)
◆19 rebel Rajasthan Indian National Congress MLAs face disqualification from assembly

【Jaipur】Rajasthan Speaker has issued notices to Sachin Pilot and 18 other rebel Congress MLAs after the party sought their disqualification from the state assembly.

(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46835(13/39)

○ラジャスタン州政治危機巡りBJP党員がラジエBJP副総裁を非難(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46836(14/39)

【斋浦尔】国大党于7月17日指责印度人民党(BJP)的联邦部长加延徳拉·辛格·谢哈瓦(Gajendra Singh Shekhawat)参与了收买拉贾斯坦州议员(Lajasthan MLA)活动并要求对他提起诉讼。
○对拉贾斯坦州政治危机,印度人民党成员非难BJP副总裁拉杰女士(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46837(15/39)
◆BJP involved in horse-trading:Congress

【Jaipur】The Congress on July 17 demanded that a case be lodged against BJP leader and Union minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, accusing him of being involved in horse-trading of Rajasthan MLAs.
○BJP ally targets Vasundhara Raje over Rajasthan political crisis(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46838(16/39)

○グーグル、ジオ・プラットフォームズに45億米ドル投資(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46839(17/39)

【新徳里】字母表公司(Alphabet Inc)桑达尔·皮查伊(Sundar Pichai)首席执行官在一年一度的Google for India活动中通过视频会议宣布了这一消息,并表示「谷歌将在未来五到七年内投资100亿美元,以帮助加速印度数字技术的采用。」 他在谈到『印度数字化基金(India Digitization Fund)』时说「这反映了我们对印度及其数字经济的未来充满信心。」
○谷歌证实对Jio平台投资45亿美元 (...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46840(18/39)
◆Google's India Digitisation Fund can give vernacular computing a boost

【New Delh】Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai made the announcement at the annual Google for India event via video conference and said, "Google Will Invest $10 Billion over the next five to seven years to help accelerate the adoption of digital technologies in India." "This is a reflection of our confidence in the future of India and its digital economy," he said of the India Digitization Fund.
○Google tax row: US technology companies want action against India
○Google confirms it's investing $4.5 billion in India's Jio Platforms(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46841(19/39)

【ニューデリー】中国の一帯一路計画は、6月に110億米ドル相当のプロジェクトが署名され、パキスタンにおいて息を吹き返した。このおおがたプロジェクトは、イムランカーン首相が2年前に就任して以来停頓していたインフラ・プロジェクトの再活性化に尽力して来た退役中将によって推進された。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46842(20/39)

【新徳里】中国的一带一路计划在巴基斯坦重获新生,因为上个月(6月)签署了价值110亿美元的项目。这是由一位前中将推动的。该前中将尽力努力重振了自两年前总理伊姆兰·汗就任以来一直陷于停顿的基础设施计划。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46843(21/39)
◆Pakistan back in China's Belt and Road game with projects worth $11 bn

【New Delhi】China's Belt and Road programme has found new life in Pakistan with $11 billion worth of projects signed in the last month (June), driven by a former lieutenant general who has reinvigorated the infrastructure plan that's been languishing since Prime Minister Imran Khan took office two years ago.(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46844(22/39)

【イスラマバード】イムラン・カーン首相は、身内の内輪もめを除けば、彼の政府はたいした努力もせずに、さしたる脅威にさらされていないのだから、自らをラッキーと見なすべきだろう。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46845(23/39)

【伊斯兰堡】伊姆兰·汗(Imran Khan)应该认为自己很幸运,尽管他并未付出多大努力,他的政府除了盟友的内讧之外没有受到严重的威胁。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46846(24/39)
◆Lucky Imran Khan!

【Islamabad】Prime Minister Imran Khan should consider himself lucky that without doing much his government is under no serious threat except problem within and his allies.(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46847(25/39)

【ディガマドゥーラ】ディガマドゥーラ選挙区ポツビル地区の『全セイロン国民会議会議(ACMC:All Ceylon Makkal Congress)』と『スリランカ・イスラム会議(SLMC:Sri Lanka Muslim Congress)』の支持者から成るグループは7月15日、ポツビルで催された式典の席上、『国民会議(NC:National Congress)』およびその指導者A.L.M. アサウラ前地方政府/州議会大臣を支持することを誓った。
○国民の勝利が究極の目標(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46848(26/39)

【迪加马杜拉】迪加马杜拉(Digamadulla)选区波图维尔(Pottuvil)地区的『全锡兰-马克卡尔会议(ACMC:All Ceylon Makkal Congress)』和『斯里兰卡穆斯林会议(SLMC:Sri Lanka Muslim Congress)』的支持者于7月15日在波图维尔举办的集会上宣誓支持『国民会议(NC:National Congress)』及其领导人,前地方政府和省议会部长A.L.M.阿撒拉(Athaullah)。
○人民的胜利是我们的最终目标(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46849(27/39)
◆ACMC, SLMC supporters join National Congress

【Digamadulla】A group of All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) supporters of the Pottuvil area in the Digamadulla Electoral District pledged their support to the National Congress (NC) and its leader, former Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister A.L.M. Athaullah on July 15 at a ceremony held in Pottuvil.
○Only the SLPP can build a progressive nation, dignified before the world
○Victory of the people our ultimate aim(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46850(28/39)

【ニューデリー】中国の習近平国家主席は8月1日、ネパールとの関係の継続的発展を促進したいと語り、与党ネパール共産党(NCP:Nepal Communist Party)の内紛を背景に、親中派のKPシャルマ・オリ首相の権力掌握を支える北京の一貫した姿勢を確認した。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46851(29/39)

【新徳里】中国国家主席习近平于8月1日表示,他希望推动与尼泊尔的关系不断发展,从而在执政的尼泊尔政党共产党(NCP:Nepal Communist Party)内部发生争执的背景下承诺北京不断采取行动以支持亲中国沙尔玛·奥利(KP Sharma Oli)总理的掌权。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46852(30/39)
◆President Xi shore up pro-China PM K P Sharma Oli's grip on power

【New Delhi】Chinese President Xi Jinping on August 1 said he wants to push for a continued advancement of ties with Nepal amidst Beijing's sustained forays to shore up pro-China Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli's grip on power in the backdrop of intra-party feud in the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP).(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46853(31/39)

【カトマンズ】与党ネパール共産党(NCP:Nepal Communist Party)書記局は7月18日当地で重要会議を催したが、シャルマ・オリ党共同主席兼首相ともう一人の共同主席プシュパ・カマル・ダハル氏に及び上級幹部マーダブ・クマール・ネパール氏に率いられるライバル派閥の意見の相違を調整することに失敗した。
○対印対中関係(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46854(32/39)

【加徳满都】执政的尼泊尔共产党(NCP:Nepal Communist Party)秘书处于7月17日在这里举行关键会议,但未能调和党的联合主席和总理卡徳加·普拉萨徳·夏尔马·奥利(KP Sharma Oli)与另一位联合主席普什帕·卡麦尔·达哈尔(Pushpa Kamal Dahal)以及高级领导人马达夫·库马尔·内帕尔(Madhav Kumar Nepal)领导的敌对派系之间的分歧。
○对印对中关系(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46855(33/39)
◆Oli refuses to quit as PM, party co-chair

【Kathmandu】A crucial meeting of the ruling Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Secretariat held here on July 18 failed to reconcile differences between party Co-chair and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and the rival faction led by another Co-chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal and senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal.
○Both Co-Chairs of the party visit the president
○Relations with India and China(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46856(34/39)

【ダッカ】バングラデシュ民族主義党(BNP:Bangladesh Nationalist Party)のミルザ・ファクルル・イスラム・ アラムギール総書記は、「国民はバングラデシュの保健システムを信頼することができなくなった。なぜならそれは既に完全に崩壊しているからだ」と語った。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46857(35/39)

【达卡】孟加拉国民族主义党(BNP:Bangladesh Nationalist Party)的米尔扎·法赫鲁尔·伊斯兰·阿拉姆吉尔(Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir)秘书长声称,由于该国的卫生系统已经完全崩溃,人们现在对他们的卫生系统不再抱有信心。(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46858(36/39)
◆Bangladesh's health system has collapsed: BNP Secretary General

【Dhaka】Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has alleged that people now cannot have their confidence in the country's health system as it has completely collapsed.(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46859(37/39)

○日朝は一衣帯水の隣国:平成天皇(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46860(38/39)

○日朝是一衣带水邻国:平成天皇(...Read more)
2020-08-03 ArtNo.46861(39/39)
◆Review:The baptism of the Holy Spirit (Aramaic roots VII)

 Jesus said, "Perhaps people think that I have come to impose peace upon the world. They donot know that I have come to impose conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war. For there will be five in a house: There will be three against two and two against three, father against son and son against father and they will stand alone." (Thomas 16)
○'Three-One mysterious substance' and the statue of Maitreya
○Hebrew genes in Japanese
○Ephraim and Manasseh mediate Korean roots of Imperial framily
○A thread of fate binding between St. Thomas' Mission to Beijing and Wa-koku (倭国)
○Mystery of "The Twelve Tribes"
○The origin and history of Isshi Incident
○Hakusonko's defeat and Emperor Tenchi
○Jinshin War
○The direct rule of the Emperor
○Formation and self-destruction of centralized state
○The origin of Emperor Kanmu
○Japan and Korea are next to each other: Emperor Heisei(...Read more)
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