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Sunday, March 15, 2020

【SEAnews:India Front Line Report】 March 13, 2020 (Fri) No. 3940

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India Front Line Report
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Latest Top News(vol.200313)
(最新ニュース 36件)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46697(1/36)
◆YES Bank救済計画には十分な時間:ラジャン元中銀総裁

【ニューデリー】ラグラム・ラジャン元中央銀行総裁は3月11日、YES Bankが直面する財務危機に触れ、「有効な救済計画をまとめ上げる十分な時間がある」と語った。
○SBIのイエス・バンク救済計画にICICI/HDFCが大きな役割(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46698(2/36)
◆有足够的时间为YES银行制定计划:拉瞻前RBI 行长

【新徳里】前印度储备银行行长拉古拉姆·拉瞻(Raghuram Rajan)于3月11日对面临财务危机的YES银行问题表示说,「有足够时间以制定一个有效救济计划。」
○ICICI和HDFC在SBI的Yes银行救援计划中可以发挥重要作用(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46699(3/36)
◆There was enough time to put together plan for YES Bank: Former RBI Governor Rajan

【New Delhi】Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan on March 11 said there was a lot of time to put together a plan for YES Bank which had given "enough" notice about the problems it was facing.
○Yes Bank crisis impact: Your money's safe, private banks tell depositors
○Yes Bank rescue: ICICI Bank, HDFC, Kotak could play big roles in SBI's plan (...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46700(4/36)

【ニューデリー】IHSマークイットインディア製造業購買管理者指数(PMI:Purchasing Managers' Index)報告によると、年初に見られた製造業の強力な伸びは2月も維持され、工場の注文、輸出、生産の伸び率は1月のピークからわずかに低下したにとどまった。しかし専門家は、コロナウイルスの発生により今後数ヶ月のうちに輸出やサプライチェーンが損傷を受ける恐れがあると指摘する。
○2月の失業率7.78%、景気後退で4ヶ月ぶりの高水準マーク: CMIE(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46701(5/36)

【新徳里】IHS Markit印度制造业PMI报告显示,印度制造业今年初的强劲増长在2月份也维持下来,工厂订单,出口和生产的増长率比1月的高位仅微略下降。不过专家指出,冠状病毒的发生可能在未来几个月内损害出口和供应链。
○2月失业率7.78%,由于景气缓慢为四个月以来的高水准: CMIE(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46702(6/36)
◆Feb manufacturing PMI slips marginally to 54.5

【New Delhi】The strong manufacturing sector expansion seen in India at the start of the year was maintained in February, with the growth rates for factory orders, exports and output dipping only marginally from January's highs, according to IHS Markit India Manufacturing PMI report.  However, coronavirus outbreak may hurt exports, supply chains, in coming months, says expert
○Weak demand, virus outbreak in China bring down two-wheeler sales in February
○Commercial vehicles continue to slip, top cos see decline in February sales
○OECD slashes India's FY21 growth forecast to 5.1% on coronavirus woes
○Feb unemployment rate hits 4-month high of 7.78% as slowdown persists: CMIE(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46703(7/36)

○7人の女性が首相のソーシャル・メディア・アカウントを継承(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46704(8/36)

【新徳里】纳伦徳拉·莫迪(Narendra Modi)总理于3月2日晚上在他的推文中说「我正考虑从周日(3月8日)起放弃在推特(Twitter),脸书(Facebook),照片墙(Instagram)和YouTube上的社交媒体帐户」就引发了一系列猜测。
○七名妇女接管总理的社交媒体帐户(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46705(9/36)
◆Thinking of giving up my social media accounts, says Narendra Modi

【New Delhi】Prime Minister Narendra Modi triggered a flurry of speculation after he took to Twitter late on 02 March evening to say that he was considering giving up his social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram & YouTube from Sunday(08 March).
○North East Delhi riots
○Seven women achievers to handle PM Modi's social media accounts(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46706(10/36)

○野党のアミット・シャー内相罷免要求で国会立ち往生(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46707(11/36)

【加尔各答】据《印度时报》报道,西孟加拉州马玛塔·班纳吉(Mamata Banerjee)首席部长于3月3日表示,上周发生骚乱后,徳里仍有700人失踪。
○由于反对党要求罢免内政部长阿米特·沙阿,国会停顿(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46708(12/36)
◆'700 still missing in Delhi,' says Mamata Banerjee

【Kolkata】West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on March 03 said 700 people are still missing in Delhi following last week's riots there, reports Hindustan Times.
○Parliament stalls as Opposition wants Amit Shah out(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46709(13/36)

【ニューデリー】最高裁判所は3月12日、ラクナウにおける『公民権修正法案(Citizenship Amendment Act)』抗議集会参加者の詳細を掲載したポスターに関するウッタル・プラデシュ州政府暫定命令の承認申請を棄却した。
○民族協議会のオマル党首は公共秩序に対する脅威:J&K政府(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46710(14/36)

【新徳里】最高法院于3月12日驳回北方州政府的申请关于它竖立的海报的临时命令。该海报上被记录在拉科诺举办的抗议《公民身份修订法案(Citizenship Amendment Act)》集会参加者个人详细信息。
○国民会议党主席奥马尔是公共秩序的威胁:J&K政府(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46711(15/36)
◆No law to support UP govt's action on anti-CAA protesters: Supreme Court

【New Delhi】The Supreme Court on March 12 refused to pass an interim order on the posters erected by the Uttar Pradesh government with personal details of those booked for protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act in Lucknow.
○Bhim Army chief hints at forming anti-BJP front in UP
○'Omar continues to pose threat to public order' : J&K administration(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46712(16/36)

○テロ容疑者70人に無罪:国防省の最高裁長官に対する訴えに言及(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46713(17/36)

【拉瓦尔品第】总理伊姆兰·汗(Imran Khan)于3月2日,在这里受到沙特阿拉伯王国国防部副部长哈立徳·本·萨勒曼·本·阿卜杜勒阿齐兹(Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz)亲王的拜访时,强调印度领导人的好战言论和攻击性行动对当地和平与安全构成的威胁。
○无罪释放70名恐怖嫌疑人:最高法院法官将国防部的诉请转交给CJP(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46714(18/36)
◆Indian rhetoric, aggressive actions threaten peace: Imran Khan

【Rawalpindi】Prime Minister Imran Khan on March 02 highlighted the threat to peace and security posed by the Indian leadership's belligerent rhetoric and aggressive actions on the ground, as Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, called on him here.
○Acquittal of 70 terror suspects: Supreme Court bench refers defence ministry's plea to CJP(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46715(19/36)

○パキスタンの貿易赤字157億ドル、27%縮小(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46716(20/36)

【伊斯兰堡】总理财政和收入顾问阿卜杜勒·哈菲兹·谢赫博士(Abdul Hafeez Shaikh)表示,经济前景强劲,出口和汇款回升正在支撑増长势头。
○巴基斯坦贸易赤字收缩27%至157亿美元(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46717(21/36)
◆Outlook for economy strong: Adviser to PM Hafeez Shaikh

【Islamabad】Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance & Revenue Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has said the outlook for the economy is strong and pick-up in exports and remittances are supporting the growth momentum.
○Inflation likely to decrease further, says Asad Umar
○Pakistan's trade deficit contracts 27% to $15.7b(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46718(22/36)

【コロンボ】スリランカのゴタバヤ・ラジャパクサ大統領は3月2日、任期より6ヶ月早く国会を解散し、4月25日に総選挙を実施すると発表した。(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46719(23/36)

【科伦坡】斯里兰卡总统戈塔巴亚·拉贾帕克萨于3月2日提前6个月解散国会,并宣布于4月25日举行大选。(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46720(24/36)
◆Prez Rajapaksa dissolves Parliament: General Election on 25

【Colombo】Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa on March 02 dissolved Parliament six months ahead of its schedule and called a snap election on April 25.(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46721(25/36)

○オリ首相の2回目の腎移植手術に各国首脳励ましメッセージ(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46722(26/36)

【加徳满都】KP沙尔玛·奥利(KP Sharma Oli)总理于3月4日在加徳满都市内马哈拉伊甘杰区的特里布万大学教学医院(Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital)成功地接受肾脏移植手术。
○总理奥利接受第二次肾移植手术,各国首脑送词慰问(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46723(27/36)
◆Prime Minister Oli gets new kidney, faring well

【Kathmandu】Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli underwent successful kidney transplant surgery at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj, on March 04.
○Well-wishes pour in as PM Oli undergoes second renal transplant surgery(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46724(28/36)

【ダンガディ】ネパール会議派(NC:Nepali Congress)のシェール・バハドゥル・デウバ議長は、「予算余剰の名の下に財政・金融の不正行為が国内に増加している」と指摘した。(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46725(29/36)

【丹加地】尼泊尔国民大会党(NC:Nepali Congress)的谢尔·巴哈杜尔·徳乌帕(Sher Bahadur Deuba)主席说「以盈余预算为名,我国的金融违规行为正在増加。」(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46726(30/36)
◆Financial irregularities on the rise owing to surplus budget: NC President Deuba

【Dhangadhi】Nepali Congress (NC) President Sher Bahadur Deuba said that financial irregularities have increased in the country in the name of surplus budget.(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46727(31/36)

【ニューデリー】インド外務省のハーシュ・バーダン・シュリングラ次官は3月11日、インドはバングラデシュに救急車150台を供与すると語った。(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46728(32/36)

【新徳里】印度外交部的哈什·瓦尔丹·什林格拉(Harsh Vardhan Shringla)常任秘书于3月11日透露说,印度将向孟加拉国提供150辆救护车。(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46729(33/36)
◆India provides 150 ambulances to Bangladesh

【New Delhi】India will provide 150 ambulances to Bangladesh, said Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla on March 11.(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46730(34/36)

○諸聖即非の法(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46731(35/36)

○诸圣即非的法(...Read more)
2020-03-13 ArtNo.46732(36/36)
◆Review:The baptism of the Holy Spirit (Aramaic roots III)

 His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?" He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it." (Thomas 51)
○The Eastern Christian Church
○Daqin Jingjiao Popular Chinese Monument (Nestorian Stele)
○Mystery of 'Yata no Kagami'
○"I AM WHO I AM" or "Yahweh's Light"
○Three Imperial Regalias are duplicated?!
○The origin of the Yamato Imperial Court
○The sign of Jonah
○Prophet Jonah's career
○Ephraim and idol worship of his descendants
○Turning one's back on all the sages(...Read more)
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