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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Are You Fine With Your Current Suppliers For Anesthesia Machine

Hi, Nice Day!

This is KIKI from Superstar Medical from China.

We searched in google and Noticed that you are in the market of medical equipment.

SO, I'm pleased to inform you that we have been working with many big companies in Europe and South America and many other countries in the world.

As a leading manufacturer of medical equipment including anesthesia machine, ICU ventilator, CPAP system. We own our self-brand—SuperStar. At present, our brand ranks in the top three in the Chinese market, and the top ten in the global market.

We can provide the best price directly from our factory, even 20% cheaper than other suppliers. And our machines can be used at least for 20 years, with 15 year warranty.

Also, with our own factory, we can provide the machine at any time you need, as we already prepare all machines in stock and can ship to you within about one week.

We are in good position not only to supply you high quality machine, but also the excellent after sales service,Well-trained engineers will offer you any technical support.

Upon receipt of your feedback, we will update you more relevant proposals and working videos for your options.

I believe in our strong patented technology and top-level after-sales service and even logistics advantages can greatly help your business

Also, you can click the WhatsApp among my sign to talk with me.


Overseas Sales Manager

Marketing | Superstar Medical

No.6 building, Bofu Road,Zhongshan Park
Find Me on WhatsApp Or Phone : +8615077898193

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